Russian Revolvers from 1850-1950

Russian Revolvers from 1850-1950

Unfortunately, George (Joe) Leiper passed away on Sept. 19th (2018), however, his works will remain available on this website.

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First contract Smith & Wesson
Dedicated to the development of Russian Revolvers from the first Russian Colts to the Nagant 1895 revolver.

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This site has been started to provide a central information source for Russian revolvers starting with the Colts in the 1850s and continuing through the removal from service of the Nagant revolver in the 1950s.
If you have questions or want me to load a particular subject sooner, please email me and I will do what I can. Enjoy!


New Updates! 02 August 2016

After some time off, I am coming back to add pages and new information to the site! I have new information for the Belgian production of the Nagant for the Russian Government and more for the Smith Wesson section. The Margolin information will also be put up.

I've added lots of pictures to the Russian Colt section. There is still as huge amount to put in there as there is a lot of history of the Russians using and testing the Colts against other types of revolvers.

Coming soon: A section on the Margolin target pistols. I have been asked to put this up. There will be the same information as was posted on Gun Boards with improvements and a translation of the 1968 Danilov instructions on tuning the pistol for rapid fire shooting.

It has taken a long time to gather and organize this information! Please be aware that there will be some incomplete pages in this new material and I will try to update them as often as possible adding information until I get them done.

Under construction

Under construction!