The Russian Nagant Revolvers- Development of the Gas Seal Revolver

An 1899 Nagant Serial 14476 and lanyard
1899 Nagant Single Action


The 1892 patent

This is the revolver that L. Nagant started with at the Russian trials. Close examination of the patent sheets is very illuminating as to the changes that were made for the Russians!

Text 1
The 1892 patent shows a six or seven shot revolver loading from a loading gate from the right side of the revolver.
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The second sheet shows the gas seal mechanism and the hammer block/breech block mechanism.
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Details of the cylinder and mainspring. The mainspring seems identical to the final version used on the M1895.
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Details of the trigger mechanism. This is very interesting as it shows a double action revolver (which the Russians didn't want!). The hammer block and breech block are quite different than the final version.

The 1895 patent

The 1895 patent shows the basic version of the Imperial Russian contract. It is a single action revolver mechanism converted from the original double action version. These two sheets show the basic details of the new revolver.

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A detail of the cylinder and hammer. The catch on the front face of the hammer is significantly different from the final version.
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More small parts. The hammer block is shown in 2 different versions in figs. 2 and 3. Fig 2 has a hook like the final version put into production, while 3 has a recess that would catch the hammer.

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