Production Numbers for the Nagant Revolver

A 1927 Nagant Standard Service revolver
A 1927 Nagant Standard Service revolver

Nagant production estimates

Here is a best guess at Nagant production numbers. This list has been compiled over years of collecting serial numbers (as well as revolvers). All sources are listed whether it was an observed revolver or a published number. Published numbers have always been suspect and when serial numbers, at least before 1938 when the Soviets started hiding production by using random letter block prefixes, contradict the sources the serial has been given along with the published number and source.

The published figure for total production from 1896-1945 is 2.6 million. I don’t know if I believe it, but it is probably within 10-15%. There are years where the observed serial numbers exceed the published production numbers, 1935 probably being the most notable. After 1937 serial numbers were prefixed with letters and used in blocks in some unknown in order to hide the number of anything produced, and are basically useless to the attempt to determine production numbers.

2.6 million guns produced / 50 years is 51,200 guns per year. There were years with very little production (1934 essentially 0) and years where production almost made 200,000 (1944 when 190,960 revolvers were produced).

All observed serial numbers (obs) were taken from revolvers with matching original side plates.

Liege production

Tula production 1898-1941

Tula 1942-1945 (not Tula marked guns produced at Izhevsk)

Izhevsk production

GOMZ in Kazan (GOMZ moved from Leningrad in 1941)

Misc other models